Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

Indulge your pet with a luxurious bath and grooming session, ensuring they’re pampered and primped, even without the haircut and styling.

Please Note: We’re only able to service dogs 50 pounds and under.

⦁   Bath with specialized premium shampoo and conditioner
⦁   Hand drying
⦁   Full brush out and undercoat removal
⦁   Nails clipped
⦁   Ear canals cleaned
⦁   Feet trimmed
⦁   Sanitary trim (around butt, tummy, and privates)
⦁   Face trim (around eyes, if needed)
⦁   Bandana
⦁   Dematting for 15 minutes ($1/min extra, if needed)**

By Request Only: Anal glands expressed and ear hair removed.

For a comprehensive overview of our pricing and the range of available add-ons, please visit our pricing page.