Our Prices

Caring for your beloved pet is a top priority for both you and us. That’s why you’re here – you want to ensure they’re pampered, looking fantastic, and feeling amazing! Recognizing that each pet is wonderfully unique with specific requirements, we’ve tailored our pricing to an hourly rate, reflecting the personalized care your pet deserves, instead of a one-size-fits-all breed-based fee.

Base Pricing:

Cat Grooming: $50 minimum ($80/hour extra, as needed)

Full Dog Grooming: $50 minimum ($50/hour extra, as needed)

Dog Bathing: $30 minimum ($50/hour extra, as needed)

Walk-in Nail Trims: $15

Special Add-ons:

Aloe Remoisturizer “Remo”:   $5**
Adds moisture to the skin and coat which helps relieve itching caused by dry or flaky skin and other skin conditions.

Oral Hygiene Package (Dogs Only):   $5
Tooth brushing and breath freshener.

Nail Grinding (Dogs Only):   $5
Nails are ground and smoothed after clipping.

PREMIUM!   Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath (Dogs Only):   $5 – $15***
Want to make your pet looking and feeling their best? This luxurious treatment removes impurities, exfoliates the skin and coat, deep conditions, rehydrates and rebuilds the coat in addition to adding shine and gloss. This is the ultimate spa treatment for your pampered pet!

** This requires a water bath, which some cats might not tolerate.
*** Price varies depending on the size of the pet.

Additional Fees:

Flea clean-up charge:   $10 – $20
We cannot accept pets with fleas for grooming. If we find fleas on your pet you will be charged a fee for a flea bath which includes our Aloe Remoisturizer “Remo” conditioner to sooth flea bitten skin. All pets must be on flea preventatives before making an appointment with us.

Dematting:   $1 per minute
The first 15 minutes of mat removal is included in the bath & groom price, after that there is an additional charge.
Note: We will not demat your pet for more than an hour. Dematting is uncomfortable for pets and if longer is needed it would be best to have your pet get a short haircut and start the coat over. Your pet’s comfort and safety is our top priority. Grooming your pet regularly to keep your pet tangle-free is the best way to avoid putting them through this uncomfortable situation.

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